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Twitter Fixes Bug That Enabled Takeover of Android App Accounts

Twitter for Android users are urged to update their app to fend off a security bug that allows hackers to access private account data and control accounts to send tweets…
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Top 10 IoT Disasters of 2019

IoT Disasters 2019 Though more light was shed around insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices in 2019 – consequently leading to more calls for regulation– connected devices themselves seemingly stayed just…
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Honda Leaks Data of 26K North American Customers

The leaky database was online for about a week, exposing customers’ vehicles information and personal identifiable information. An exposed database was discovered leaking the personal information of 26,000 North American…
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FIN8 Targets Card Data at Fuel Pumps

Paying at the pump has landed in the sights of the notorious PoS-skimming group. The notorious FIN8 cybercrime group has a new target when it comes to skimming payment-card details…
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Airforce Software Innovation Arm Officially Opens in Downtown San Antonio

LevelUp Code Works, the U.S. Air Force’s arm that aims to deliver rapidly deployable software to support Air Force and Department of Defense missions in downtown San Antonio, opened its…
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2017 HOH Williams



Jack Cable is 17 years old. With a thin build and large, square glasses, he looks like any unassuming high school senior from the Chicago suburbs. Except he’s a military-grade…
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Oversight Committee Mulls a Cyber-Only Digital Service

The federal government has a shortage of cybersecurity talent. Would a corps of short-term recruits, hired from the private sector, fix that gap? That’s one of the questions a House…
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San Antonio Produces Top CyberPatriot Teams

The group of high school students were surprisingly animated at 7:30 a.m. on a chilly Friday morning. But the students were excited to be on the Alamo Colleges campus, talking about their individual CyberPatriot teams– and they just happened to be…
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Opportunity knocking in San Antonio

Douglas MacArthur once reminded us, “Even when opportunity knocks, a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door.” As I consider the look of the…
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