About CyberTexas

Beginning in 2000, our founders created and led Texas' first-ever successful advancements in cybersecurity education.

In April 2015, The CyberTexas Foundation was born.

Our Mission:

Develop the Next Gen Cybersecurity Workforce

Our Means:

With the University of Texas' Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC) emphasis of increasing cybersecurity educational opportunities in Texas,

CyberTexas Foundation welcomes a new partnership with EPIC to become a force-multiplier in cybersecurity education across the state.

Our Objectives:

NextGen Cyber Workforce Development

  • Develop and offer curriculums for use in elementary, middle and high schools
  • Organize cyber workforce development initiatives supporting local, state, and national efforts to further develop the cybersecurity workforce
  • Assist in the development of cyber/cyber security Program of Study (POS) for Texas schools
  • Assist Texas’ teams competing in the CyberPatriot 
  • Align mentors and conduct clinics 
  • Design and develop training aids for coaches, mentors and students

Economic Development

  • Lend support to the Texas Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council (TCEEDC)
  • Work with state and local Economic Development Departments, to develop and execute comprehensive integrated cyber/cyber security business retention, recruitment and development plans
  • Facilitate legislation and initiatives supporting the TCEEDC, industry and academic entities
  • Support state and local cyber/cyber security Economic Impact Studies


  • Conduct cyber/cyber security exercises and training events
  • Work with UTSA’s CIAS and other Texas NSA/DHS CAE/IAE officials to develop community Cyber Incident Response Plans to assist community leaders how to effectively prepare and respond to a cyber incident
  • Develop a consortium of public and private partnerships (ISSACs) focused on information sharing processes and capabilities of the community public safety/homeland security community

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