What is CyberTexas?

The CyberTexas Foundation is an organization dedicated to developing cyber based curriculums, improving economic development, and increasing community cyber awareness.

How Can I Get Involved With CyberTexas?

There are many great ways to get involved with CyberTexas! You can sign up to volunteer and participate in one of a kind cyber related events, apply for an internship with us, or become a sponsor!

Where Can I Apply For An Internship With CyberTexas?

Under the “Internship” tab on our homepage, you can find the internships sub-menu where you can find information on each internship position and the forms to apply for each one.

Where Can I Apply to Become A Volunteer?

Under the “About” tab on our homepage you can find the volunteer sign up button.

How do I Donate?

Under the “About” tab on our homepage there is a link to the donation form labeled “Donate Today”.

How Can I Stay Up to Date on Future Events and Information Regarding CyberTexas?

You can follow us on Instagram, and Twitter @cybertexasnow, follow our LinkedIn page CyberTexas Foundation, or sign up to be on our email list!

Where Is The CyberTexas Foundation Located?

Our current address is 16018 Via Shavano, San Antonio, TX 78249

Is The CyberTexas Foundation a Non-Profit?

Yes, we are non-profit! We work hard to make a difference for all in the cyber community.

Check Out Our FAQ Video Series here!