Sol Schwartz & Associates, P.C.

Established in 1980, Sol Schwartz & Associates, P.C. now ranks among San Antonio’s largest local independent certified public accounting firms. This growth reflects two core philosophies: treating our clients and our employees as our most valued assets, and ensuring that we are ‘right there’ for our clients, our industry, and each other.

We offer a wide range of services and deliver solutions that fully prepare you to meet the challenges unique to your business and industry. We also specialize in areas that are most critical to your company’s fiscal well-being in today’s evolving and competitive markets. This requires more than talent – it requires commitment.

New Horizons is the World’s Largest IT Training Company. Our career and corporate training solutions turn ambitions into marketable skills and business goals into results — with learning methods for virtually every schedule and style, plus vendor-authorized tools and expert instruction.  With a convenient location in San Antonio, New Horizons provides classes on a variety of technical and business applications. Whether you choose to take classes in person or online, you’re always welcome to call or stop by.

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