Author: Monique LaPlante

Amazon Sidewalk Poised to Sweep You Into Its Mesh

On June 8, Amazon’s pulling all its devices into a device-to-device wireless mix, inspiring FUD along the way. Now’s the time to opt out if you’re be-FUDdled.

Cyber-Insurance Fuels Ransomware Payment Surge

Companies relying on their cyber-insurance policies to pay off ransomware criminals are being blamed for a recent uptick in ransomware attacks.

Google PPC Ads Used to Deliver Infostealers

The crooks pay top dollar for Google search results for the popular AnyDesk, Dropbox & Telegram apps that lead to a malicious, infostealer-packed website.

Exchange Servers Targeted by ‘Epsilon Red’ Malware

REvil threat actors may be behind a set of PowerShell scripts developed for encryption and weaponized to exploit vulnerabilities in corporate networks, the ransom note suggests.

Then and Now: Securing Privileged Access Within Healthcare Orgs

Joseph Carson, chief security scientist and advisory CISO at ThycoticCentrify, discusses best practices for securing healthcare data against the modern threat landscape.

Podcast: The State of Ransomware

In this Threatpost podcast, Fortinet’s top researcher sketches out the ransom landscape, with takeaways from the DarkSide attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Effective Adoption of SASE in 2021

In this Threatpost podcast, Forcepoint’s SASE and Zero Trust director describes how the pandemic jump-started SASE adoption.

Banking Attacks Surge Along with Post-COVID Economy

FinTech fraud spikes 159 percent in Q1 2021 along with stimulus spending.

REvil Ransomware Ground Down JBS: Sources

Responsible nations don’t harbor cybercrooks, the Biden administration admonished Russia, home to the gang that reportedly froze the global food distributor’s systems.

DoJ Charges Rhode Island Woman in Phishing Scheme Against Politicians

Diana Lebeau allegedly tried to trick candidates for public office and related individuals into giving up account credentials by impersonating trusted associates and the Microsoft security team.

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