Risk and mitigation of COVID-19 on Cybersecurity

About this Event The yearlong series of webinars on the risk and mitigation of cyber threats will educate the small business owner, and its employees, on how to maintain excellent customer service by keeping your websites protected, the sensitive information of your customers from being compromised, and prevent the costly disruption of being hacked. Speaker(s):…
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Rowdy Con

Conference Event Summary The following description was either submitted by the Conference Organizer on Friday, October 30th 2020, or created by us. Join virtually on December 5th! You are invited to participate together with hundreds of students from the University of Texas at San Antonio’s cybersecurity community and beyond for innovative content, in-depth discussion, networking, and much…
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Teens & Cyber Abuse

About this Event Does your teen have a cell phone? Does your child use a tablet or laptop with internet capabilities? It is important as a parent or guardian to know what cyber abuse is and how to recognize cyberbullying and abuse online. Join us on December 9th at 6pm for our webinar on Teens…
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Grayhat IV

The Texas Cyber Summit team, has been involved in hosting events of all kinds for over twenty years, the expertise of this team is legendary. We have hosted some of the largest and most successful Cyber Security and training events from London, UK to Singapore, from Las Vegas, New York, Texas, Florida to Washington DC and More.…
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$279 – $399
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